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How to Set up a Wacky Wavy Sky Guy Dancer manufactures advertising inflatables in the US. We are located in Covington, Georgia 35 miles east of Atlanta.

Our Sky Guys are an affordable way to advertise your business. Sky Guys are great for drawing attention to your business, especially if your business is hard to see from the road. These colorful Sky Guys dance, making them perfect for grabbing the attention of customers.

This video above shows you how to set up a Sky Guy. It’s fast and easy, yet another reason why Sky Guys are perfect for advertising any business or event.

You can purchase one of our Sky Guys on our online store, Buy one of our overstock Sky Guys for a discount, or order a Sky Guy with custom colors and lettering. You can also order Sky Guy Blowers on our online store.

Have any questions about how to set up a Sky Guy? Any questions about buying a Sky Guy or Blower? Call us or live chat us on our website,, or comment below.

– Meagan


Repair Supplies

We sell various kits and supplies that allow you to repair your inflatables on your own.

Our Repair Kits and Patch Kits are a great place to start. These kits come with industrial grade vinyl, ultra vinyl glue, and more, depending on which kit you purchase. Patch Kits are perfect for repairing small holes on your bounce house. Repair Kits include extra tools such as a sewing awl and netting, which is great for fixing tears in your unit’s netting.

Elastic vinyl repair tape is great for a quick and easy fix. It’s great for repairing small holes or tears in your inflatable. It will not discolor your inflatable or leave a sticky residue behind like Duct Tape does. It’s simple to apply and requires no sewing.

These kits can be a huge help to get your jumpy fixed quickly. If you need a bigger repair done, we suggest you take your moonwalk to a professional repair facility.

Blowers: Which One Do I Need?

As inflatables are used and age, they stretch causing more air to escape. This is why units become “squishy” as they get older. Instead of having the unit repaired, try getting a new blower. This may save you money in the short and long run.

In order to determine what size blower you need, you first need to know what size blower you have. The most common blower is going to be a 1HP blower. The output-also known as CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)-varies per manufacturer and even model. This is how fast air is being pushed into your unit. If your unit has a lot of seams or is a large unit, then chances are this is the issue.

The second thing that needs to be looked at is Static Pressure. Just like CFM, this varies per blower make and model. Static Pressure is the amount of pressure that builds up inside of the unit once it is inflated. This is what makes inflatables firm and is one of the reasons some blowers work great on some units and not so well on others.

The last thing to consider is upgrading to a larger blower. This is the first thing people tend to do, but I strongly recommend doing it last. If you do upgrade, then make sure it is incremental. For instance, if you are using a B-Air 1hp blower, I recommend going to a Kodiak. This is still considered a 1HP blower, but is actually a 1.25HP blower. I have personally seen only one inflatable that could not be inflated with this blower. Do not, under any circumstance, jump from a 1hp to a 2HP or higher. This will cause the seams to stretch out even more or break.

If you are using multiple blowers on a unit, you may want to upgrade to a larger blower. But what if you are in a bind, and have to use two blowers? If that is the case, then there are some things that need to be done before hand.

1) Find the two blowers you are going to use.

2) Find your total CFM by adding the CFM of the two blowers.

3) To find your total Static Pressure, you need to find the average Static Pressure for your two blowers.

Finding a new blower may be the fix you need. I strongly recommend calling and talking to sellers and manufacturers if you have any questions.



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