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How to Set up a Wacky Wavy Sky Guy Dancer manufactures advertising inflatables in the US. We are located in Covington, Georgia 35 miles east of Atlanta.

Our Sky Guys are an affordable way to advertise your business. Sky Guys are great for drawing attention to your business, especially if your business is hard to see from the road. These colorful Sky Guys dance, making them perfect for grabbing the attention of customers.

This video above shows you how to set up a Sky Guy. It’s fast and easy, yet another reason why Sky Guys are perfect for advertising any business or event.

You can purchase one of our Sky Guys on our online store, Buy one of our overstock Sky Guys for a discount, or order a Sky Guy with custom colors and lettering. You can also order Sky Guy Blowers on our online store.

Have any questions about how to set up a Sky Guy? Any questions about buying a Sky Guy or Blower? Call us or live chat us on our website,, or comment below.

– Meagan


The Complete Advertising System

Do you want to drive more traffic to your business? Are you unsure what type of advertising inflatable to buy? Then our Complete Advertising System will be perfect for you!

Sky Dancer Inflatable Advertising Sky Guy

Our Complete Advertising System includes 1 Sky Guy, 1 Sky Tube, and 1 Sky Dancer Blower. This package is a $549 value, and it’s on sale for $449.

The benefit of getting 2 wacky waving sky dancers is huge. Change out your dancer from a Sky Guy to a Sky Tube of a different color every couple weeks to keep bringing in lots of traffic to your business or event.

Businesses and events tell us all the time that our Sky Dancers helped new customers find their business, when before they had no idea the business was there. Take advantage of this offer now and start bringing in people to your business.

Why You Need A Sky Guy Outside Your Business

Sky Guys are an incredibly effective way to advertise your business.


  • They’re bright, tall and easy to see
  • They’re very easy to setup and use
  • They’re very affordable

Try one. If you buy one of our sky guys and blowers now, we will ship it to your door FREE!




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20′ Overstock Sky Tube Special has a great special going on right now. Buy one of our 20′ Overstock Sky Tubes for only $75! They normally sell for $120, which makes this a great deal. You can take advantage of this Sky Dancer special and purchase a tube that’s pink, yellow, or red, while supplies last.

When you order one of our tubes, you also get a storage bag for it. This tube does not come with a blower though. If you need a blower for your tube, we sell those separately. We also sell light kits for sky tubes as an optional accessory.

Our tubes and dancers are high quality and made in the USA.


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