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Don’t Let Competition Steal Your Customers

A few weeks ago, a business owner called me because she ran into a major problem.
For years, she owned a salon in a strip mall and the salon did very well.
But, one day another salon opened up in the same strip mall, but a lot closer to the entrance — meaning the new salon was a lot more visible than the original.
Not only did this new salon start pulling in more customers, it started stealing customers from the original, because the customers thought the original salon had moved.
As you can imagine, the salon owner was incredibly frustrated.
At first, she wanted a gigantic, extravagant (expensive) advertising inflatable to get all of her customers back and continue growing.
But sometimes that’s not what you need.
Instead of forking out $1000+, she saw the benefits of purchasing a sky guy.
Not only are Sky Guys very affordable,
  • they’re bright
  • they’re fun
  • they’re tall
  • they dance!
  • and they’re incredibly easy to setup and use
  • they can EASILY be changed out with a new one

The business owner was more than pleased with her purchase, because she accomplished her goal at a much lower rate and she wasn’t stuck hauling around a heavy balloon.

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy way to advertise, it’s time to try a sky guy.

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